From Jamaica

Leroy Sibbles

Both a wonderful vocalist and fine bassist, Leroy Sibbles initially gained fame as the lead singer for the Heptones. The trio began at Caltone, then became stars when they moved to Studio One in 1966.

They were accomplished at both rocksteady and reggae, and Sibbles’ wondrously soulful leads and excellent compositions were augmented by his smooth, hypnotic bass lines, which were reproduced on numerous Heptones knockoffs and versions. Unfortunately, a once musically profitable relationship soured, and the Heptones left Studio One under bitter circumstances in 1971. Afterward, Sibbles enjoyed a successful solo career, but retained his bitterness toward Dodd and Studio One. He remained with the Heptones a couple more years, and their 1973 LP, Party Time, was an international reggae favorite.

Source: Ron Wynn –